RND Compressor Sidechain Bug ?

Interesting (and alarming) report.
I will check this out later & post back

Hello Mikael, neilwilkes,

what you described is not bug but feature.

I replicated your steps blindly with all compressors what I have.

Than I realized that you have Feed Back button enabled. Which I assume bypass side-chain changes (or eliminate by design?) more about it on Rupert’s site http://rupertneve.com/products/portico-543-mono-compressor-limiter/. When FB is off compressor reacts as you expect.

Shame on Steinberg that nobody take care on you! So good plugins with so bad support.



When I first got these plugins I thought this was a bug too.
Then I read about the different modes of compression and it made sense.
Perhaps they should, in a future upgrade, make it so the side chain button automatically puts the compressor in feed forward mode.
Just an idea that might avoid confusion in the future.

Hi Tomas.

Sorry I never wrote back before, it must have slipped my mind…
Thank you very much though - I had forgotten about Feed-Back functionality not having sidechain.

It’s not a case of shame on Steinberg though - more like shame on me…

Many Thanks again

Hi Thomas,

thank you for your post.

Interestingly, just today, I stumbled about exaxctly that fact that you mentioned - when I disable Feedback, then sidechaining works as expected, and toay I see your post :slight_smile: funny world.

Yes, such nice plugins and software, but a little Input from Steinberg would have saved me time and hair.

Regards, Mikael

A tip: Just another reason for reading the manual! :slight_smile:

Sidechain has only ever worked in Feed-Forward mode on that one.
No idea why, possibly as it was on the hardware?

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