RND Portico 1.1 Update Released

Steinberg today released a maintenance update for the RND Portico plug-ins, 5033 EQ and 5043 Compressor. The 1.1 update provides integrated Quick Control assignment and adds a sidechaining function to the 5043 Compressor.

The updates are available free of charge from the Steinberg website:

Sidechaining in the Compressor at last.

Now - where is the promised surround support, please??

Thanks for the updates!!! :smiley:

The demo download of the RND Portico plug-Ins still install version 1.0.

It takes idiots like me :ugeek: a while to figure out there is an update available…

Regards, Mikael

I purchased the RND Portico plugins at Christmas 2013.

1: How can i identify its version i.e. 1.0 or 1.1
2: Do I need to apply the 1.1 Sidechain updates or are these new incorporated in the current purchased download?

Advices please

Check the compressor - if there is a sidechain option you’re good to go.
If not, update.