RND Portico 5033 and 5043 plugins price controversy

There´s a big controversy going on at Gearslutz about the price of these plugins.

What is Steinberg´s justification for these high prices compared to other competitors like Waves, UAD, SSL, Softube, Sonnox, URS…?

Especially when these plugins have some amateurish basic flaws and shortcomings like:

-The GUI is not very attractive. Quoted from Gearslutz:
The interface is not very good. The curve lacks a anti-aliased drawing, it looks a bit cheap. Also the handling and feeling with the curves is a bit clumsy.
The compressor is a VST3 plug-in but has no sidechain. Moving the knobs is not very smooth, it feels all a bit “not ready yet”.

First off… the GUI’s are - considering they want 500 bucks for those plugs - an impudence.

-No high pass or low pass on the EQ.

-No mousewheel support. Quoted from Gearslutz:
No mousewheel support and the knobs behave like a (bad) 10 year old freeware product.

Or was this a calculated tactical move by Steinberg for giving them high prices (and maybe lowering the price later), so that people would think these are actually better/more high value/elite plugins vs the competitors plugins, even if they are not?

Would Steinberg care to comment on this? How did you come up with this high price?

I don’t get your post. What is your problem? First of all you reported only the comments that support your theory.
Some users in the same forum are saying that the sound is incredible and completely different and better than other digital eqs you mentioned.
Why didn’t you report this too.
Yes the price is high. At that price I personally prefer to invest in hardware than software. But I don’t think Steinberg needs to justify anything here. There are several other plugs out there with insane prices for a piece of software.
Just don’t buy them and buy a piece of hardware that will last forever. But before you discredit Steinberg for their choice at least give the plugs a try.

i really don’t care about the gui or mousewheel support, im just concerned about the sound and to my ears
this is a fantastic compressor that i’ve fallen in love with after 2 days.

i think this is an incredible plugin, it’s a really grabby compressor and theres air in the sound , the cost is high but considering you can have one or more strapped over every channel i think it’s quite reasonable, though im going to have to save hard or sell some gear to buy it.

waves, urs and the other compressors you’ve mentioned aren’t even in the same ball park as this, the closest thing ive heard is the cl1b but i won’t need be using that anymore, this is my new go to compressor and i really can’t stop playing with it.

I’m with micronic here.
What is important is not the price - after all, nobody is forcing anybody to buy these - but how they sound, and these are bloody awesome.
The EQ is just to die for, it really is. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great EQ out there right now, particularly EQuality from Dave Gamble, but this is a true Neve, approved by The Man himself, and at a fraction of the cost of the hardware plus you can get multiple instances of course.
Sure, there is no Sidechain, and no surround support (incredibly short-sighted IMHO) but hopefully this gets added.

The compressor is one of those true “insert & forget” tools.
You cannot make it pump at all, so if destructive compression is what you are after then this is not for you.
If you want perhaps the smoothest plugin compressor out there, then this is the one to get.

This topic is over 11 years old, and most of these concerns have since been addressed.