RND Portico plugins future support?

I’d love to hear from some Steinberg staff regarding if there’s any future updates planned for the RND Portico plugins? I spent €400 on them last week - a large investment for 2 plugins - but I was quite disappointed to see how small and illegible the GUIs are. They sound great though, so it would be a shame if they never receive any updates again. What I think users would most appreciate would be:

  1. Resizable GUIs on the 5033 and 5043.
  2. An option to hide the EQ graph display on the 5033.
  3. Apple silicon support.
  4. An anti-aliased EQ curve on the 5033.
  5. Low and high pass filters on the 5033 - although I’m aware these weren’t on the original hardware, so I’d be highly surprised if you add these.

Whether any of the above are added or not, I’m still a big admirer of these two plugins, but I’d greatly appreciate a response from a member of the Steinberg team regarding the above.