RND Portico Portico are without any preset!

I’ve just bought yesterday the 2 plugins and I’m very satisfied with it. However, I regret that it have no preset there!
I’m a regular customer of Waves plugins, and I like their presets which constitute a good starting point.
If you could give us something, it would be great.
Furthermore on Cubase 7 64 bit (Windows 7 64 bit). If I want to enter directly a number instead of turning a button, it ends Cubase.

I hope that you will answer me.
Anyway, thank you for de 50% of !!!.

No presets - There are only a few knobs per plug and the adjustments are obviously specific to what YOU want to achieve.

I agree with you : it’s very easy to use, but I remain convinced that good presets gives a cool starting point.
Anyway, I like these plugins and I don’t regret my half-price purchase :smiley: