Rob Papen's Predator 1- 2 upgrade policy

On 11th August I received a Newsletter signed Rob Papen at saying the following in relation to the; Predator VSTi

  • Predator
    From today the 6th of May Predator has a new reduced price of Euro 79-- | USD 79—!!
    The upgrade price to Predator 2.0 will be Euro 49-- | USD 49–
    So if you are interested in Predator and also interested in Predator 2.0(when its released) you can purchase Predator now and still save money, since Predator 2.0 will be priced at Euro 149-- | USD 149
  • Free upgrades to Predator 2.0
    If you purchased Predator in March, April or up to(and including) the 5th of May 2016 the upgrade to Predator 2.0 will be free!
    Users that purchased at will receive an automated upgrade by email.
    If you purchased at a dealer, you will be able to send us an email with a copy of your invoice attached once Predator 2.0 is released.
    This information will be placed on the homepage as well.
  • Predator 2.0
    Predator 2.0 is going to be an awesome update with some breath-taking new features!.
    The aim is to release sometime at end of June, but more realistic is that we will have it ready July/August once all the bugs have been squashed.
    Predator 2.0 will have a price tag of Euro 149-- | USD 149—
    Upgrade price will be Euro 49-- | USD 49—
    Note that the original Predator will remain so that you can still use Predator for the older songs.

Predator 2 has only actually been released this Black Friday 25/11. I bought Predator 1 on 12th August. I am trying to understand why I am not entitled to a free upgrade and yet people who bought it in March, April or up to(and including) the 5th of May 2016 get it free! Can someone kindly help me understand the thinking behind this!

Part of the problem is that the Newsletter does not state the Predator 1’s price before it was dropped to 79 Euros.