Rob Papen's RG guitar synth 1.6 has a "non virus" virus

Hi Everybody, Just thought you should all know that if you consider buying Rob Papens RG guitar synth ver 1.6 ( which, by the way…is a good piece of gear ) it has in it something they call a “false warning” which happens to behave just like a virus and does not allow you to open the VST ins…I had to delete the application from my computer and re install it to get it working…
Not sure why they are selling a VST ins with this in it and when I questioned them about it they stopped talking to me…was gonna buy Predotor but I think not at the moment…

regards to all, keep on keepin on !!

and it gets worse…I have so far had to delete this damn software ( rob papen guitar synth 1.6 ) and re install it 4 times in one week because of something called “Themidia” this virus that they insist is not a virus…it’s just a "false warning " for gods sake dont buy this software…sincerely Kevin

maybe thats the reason…


Dont understand…maybe that’s the reason what ?..


As I understand it, if anti-virus software reports a false positive, it’s the the fault of the anti-virus software and not the software being accused. Therefore, the makers of the anti-virus software should fix it as the accused software isn’t doing anything wrong.

Personally, I wouldn’t run a virus checker on my DAW in the first place.


this happens even when my anti virus software is off…It’s definitley something in the software, just trying to be helpfull and warn you guy’s of possible problems…just thought…you probably work for RP

No I don’t