Rock Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow ;)

Its starting to fall out… that and I had to go to the corporate sector long ago, and had to lose the locks and leather! :wink: :laughing: :sunglasses: :confused:

Proud grandpa of 4!

Ahh… those were the days… :slight_smile:

It’s not falling out… yet, but it’s definitely changing colour… :confused:


Gram Parsons?

Michael Bolton looks 1,000x better since he cut his hair

I wish Coverdale would cut his hair – he’d actually look better – YOUNGER – if he did

Me in my new bath robe … when my hair is not tied back in the ponytail

Lounge = Music Related … lolol … next it will be the ‘can I still fit into the spandex’ thread :mrgreen:

I agree.

Steven Tyler can get away with it

otherwise it’s certainly an object of ridicule :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nice dentures he has there! :laughing:

Which begs the question: why on earth did long hair become mandatory for a (hard) rock star? Is it just the logical extension of the “Beatle Cut?” Is it all about “rebellion?” Did the drugs kill the motivation to go get a f***ing haircut?

Why does anyone conform to a genre of any type? :slight_smile:

Hair extensions??? Teeth and botox

ROTFL :laughing:

We just wind 'em up, then we give 'em back! Let the parents sort it! :laughing: I have at least two who I believe will be musical, can’t wait for them to get a little older! :mrgreen: But the hair will stay short, it gets too hot in the summer here to live with long hair.