Rock instrumental

This is a song from my collaborative rock project.

Love for you to have a listen !

Really good stuff, definitely needs a vocal, that would be the icing on the cake of an excellent sounding track though there are a few timing issues here and there but that adds to the live feel it has…Kevin

Sounds good, but I think another way of amplifying what Kevin said is that it could use melodic material. Agree about the timing too. Like the guitar sounds.

this sounds good but still needs work, i sort of agree with the timing pointed out before but not sure if thats intentional or not, it does give it a little kick and may not sound as good if it were spot on.

i like the lead guitar that comes in half way through the song.

this does need more though, if you leave it as an instrumental then i’d agree with early and get more melodies in there, if not then try and get some words laid down then see what kind of ideas come after that, sometimes another guitar playing a different rythum with a heavier tone works well, sometimes melodies are the order of the day but it sounds like you are plenty capible of figuring out what needs done.

sorry if this sounds critical its not, i like what youve done and think it deserves more than to be left as is


Thanks for listening and thanks for your replys. I appreciate all your feedback. I hear what is said about needing more melody in there, with vocals or more guitar etc.

I should point out that currently this is a two man project and neither of us can sing a note. When the tracks were written they were written with lyrical ideas in mind and we did have someone sing on it, but we were unhappy with the results. So we kind of rearranged the song and turned into an instrumental.

The next set of tracks we will work on will be written from an instrumental viewpoint. Just need to gain experance of writing such a style, while maintaining listener interest. Your input has given me some useful info