Rocksmith USB patch cord with Cubase Elements

I cannot get my Rocksmith USB patch cord to work with Cubase. My laptop, Acer, has Windows 10, and Windows recognizes the patch cord and gets sound from it.

But I can’t get it to work in Cubase Elements. I’ve never had a problem with using this patch cord on my iMac, but my iMac is currently dead and needing repair, and I’m particularly frustrated with Apple atm so I got a laptop for recording, and I cannot get my patch cord to work with Cubase.

I can’t get any audio playback whatsoever even. I recorded a clip of making noise and I get no sound from it when I play it back.

I have no idea about bussing things or stereo inputs or anything. I wish Cubase was as user friendly as Logic X, but that is neither here nor there. I would really appreciate some help with this. I will not be buying Cubase if I cannot get this to work.

Have you installed ASIO4all and configured it?

I had this same question last weekend and saw that no-one replied.
I didnt discover this myself, so cant take the credit, but my freind was round who used Cubase Pro and he figured it out.

Make sure the Rocksmith lead is plugged into your computer first.
Load Cubase (im using Elements 9.5 too)
Go to “Studio” --> More Options --> Studio Panel --> Audio Connections

Under “Device Port” menu selct USB Guitar Adapter for both Left & Right.

Hey presto, one Rocksmith USB guitar interface.
Works so well i just sold my Line 6 Pod X3