Rode NT-USB mini does not work in Cubase 11

Rode NT-USB mini does not work in Cubase 11. The solution posted on the forum earlier - does not work. The sound through the microphone output to the headphones is coming. But the sound from the microphone in Cubase is not. Cubase does not see such a device as a microphone at all.

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Do I understand you right, you don’t get a signal from the mic?

Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Windows 10. And I saw a link to a solution to the problem. This method doesn’t work. Cubase sees the Rode as an audio playback device, but does not see it as a microphone.


Could you post the link to the page, you are talking about, please?

this: USB Mic? Here is how to set it up in Cubase

It’s very strange, but on one computer (old) this solution (following the link) works, but on the other (new) it doesn’t. Asio4All does not see the microphone.

At first I thought that it was the driver version - on the old 2.14, and on the new 2.15. Put 2.14 - still does not see. Removed Rode Connect - also did not help.

I will search further. If you want, delete the topic.


OK then it seems it’s between the Rode driver and ASIO4ALL. Not in Cubase, right?

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