Rode NT1 5th gen - USB - Rode ASIO driver crashes Cubase 12

Wondering if anyone is successfully using the Rode NT1 (5th Gen) via USB (32 bit float)

Am following this guide to try it out…

'Studio’ > ‘Studio Setup’ > ‘Audio System’ select ‘NT1 5th Gen (Float)’ and click ‘Switch’…but as soon as I switch Cubase crashes.

Am running Cubase 12 Pro on Win 10 (Audio interface :MOTU UltraLite-mk5)



Attach the DMP file, please.
Win: %userprofile%/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Please note that as soon as you switch to another ASIO driver your MotU will be no longer your audio interface.
Otherwise: what Martin said.

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The Rode driver apparently allows you to set another device as an output, although I am not sure whether that can be another ASIO driver.
But yeah, if I already have a proper audio interface, I’d recommend skipping this whole setup and just use the Mic traditionally via XLR out and the preamps of the interface. At least in a controlled “studio” environment. Just less hassle.

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Thanks very much for the assistance guys…much appreciated.

Got to the point where I suspected I had a bad usbc cable…so swapped out the Rode version for the one that came with my phone …and that appeared to help…no more crashes for the moment.
(FYI not all usbc cables are skinny enough to fit inside the bottom of the mic)
A bit more experimentation playing with the settings in Windows so that my MOTU was seen as my main out.

TBH I’ve no idea why it started working because I swapped back to using the Rode USBC cable…and its still working and able to change ASIO drivers in Studio setup now without any crashes.

Did a quick recording test last night…latency while recording was an issue for me…will play a bit more over the weekend…but as suggested will probably go back to using the traditional XLR method just to avoid all of the faffing around.


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HI I have the same issue , I have another MOTU devie (M4) . Did you resolve this issue?