Rode NT2 with a MR816 CSX


Maybe there is somebody out there who can explain me why my old Rode NT2 is not working properly with my new MR818 CSX! (crackles and dropouts)
Before i had a Presonus Firebox and there was no problem at all…has this something to do with the 48V phantom power? A newer Audio-Technica is working fine with my MR 816 CSX but i dont like the sound, unfortunately :frowning:

Greetings from Switzerland

I use an NT2 with my 816 all the time. No issues. If the Audio Technica is 48 V powered and works with the same cable in the same 816 input, then it kind if points to an issue with the NT2. ThouGh I will say that when I first got the 816, two of my audio cables, which I would have sworn were ok, suddenly proved unreliable. The leads were old, and I didn’t waste time with detective work, I discarded them, but maybe the plug fit wasn’t the same in the 816 as it was in the interface I used prior? Sounds crazy to me too… But there you have it. Try another cable or connector?

All you do is swap out other mics and cables and perhaps test th NT2 in another interface until you narrow down the fault…



Hi Lee

Thanks a lot for your ideas to fixed the problems with my Rode NT2
I tried my my Rode with another Audiointerface and a Behringer mixer…there it works fine
But with my mr816 csx with a new cable and tried on different inputs …it doesn’t work (dropouts and noices)
I really don’t know where the problem is, because just as i allready said a newer audio-technica is working without any problems.

Best regards

Hello, Peter,

sorry, but I just can’t imagine how could a standard XLR-connected microphone cause dropouts to an audio interface. Especially, if other microphones work fine with your MR816csx. Maybe something paranormal is happening there… :astonished:

Have you analyzed your recordings? Are the dropouts and crackles audible on the other channels, or just on the channel which you have your Rode NT2 plugged into?


Hi Miloslav,

Maybe strange signalnoices is the better word than dropouts! I haven’t any problems with my cubase 6 64bit system! I dont want to promote my myspace-site but its for me the only place whre i can put this recorded mp3file.
here you can listen to this strange noices, on every input from my mr816 csx its the same thing…
RodeNT2-Problem.mp3 on


Hi, Peter,

I have listened to the recording and I suspect that the phantom power could be responsible for those low frequency crackles. You wrote that some Audio Technica was working well with your MR816csx but you didn’t mention the particular model so I don’t know whether it was also a condenser mic or a dynamic one. So, if a dynamic mic was working fine and Rode NT2 is not, maybe some capacitors in the phantom power circuit of your MR816csx are faulty.


Hi Miloslav,

My Audio Technica AT2050 is also a condenser mic and it works without any problems.
Thats why i dont understand it at all… i will try to give the mr816csx back to the store
and hope that they will give me another one…

Thanks a lot for the ideas and help

Best Regards

Yes… the only thing to try now is another 816 …

My first one had a bad Direct Input, and was swapped out. No piece of equipment is exempt from possible bad components.

Let us know if the mic performs better with another unit.