Rode Wireless Pro does not work with Cubase


I am trying to connect Rode Wireless Pro as audio interface to Cubase for input. The RX gets recognised on Mac OS system as usb input device, but Cubase does not recognise it at all. It works with OBS without issues or additional drivers.

Any solution to this please?

I believe Cubase requires ASIO drivers.

I’d never heard of the Rode Wireless Pro so I looked it up. It looks like it’s a microphone, not an audio interface.

It is a wireless recording system with receiver that can work as audio interface when connected to coputer via usb. It works fine with OBS.
I only want to set it up as an input device in Cubase so I can directly record it Maybe not as an audio interface in this case but as microphone. But it is not recognised by Cubase.

But it doesn’t have ASIO drivers, does it?
Cubase doesn’t work with Core Audio.

I am not sure about that as Cubase works with standard Mac drivers and even recognises the Apple Airpods Pro.

Besides you don’t need asio drivers on Mac

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Sorry, I must have been misinformed.

Don’t worry Mac works very different than Windows system.