rogue lyric line

Is it possible to move individual lyric lines or even individual lyrics up and down yet? I know individual lyrics can be moved left and right.

It’s the bottom system in the attached image that is wonky, and I’ve had no luck with Engraving Options. There is a quirk with Dorico I don’t know how to futz with, clearly.

UPDATE: I’ve attached a .zip of the .dorico in question. Thanks, all! Also, this file was made from an .xml of the original .musx

Many thanks!
Scènes & Melodies pour piano et chant (Martial Caillebotte) (554 KB)
rogue lyric line 16 May 2018.png

Is there a possibility that you’ve entered that line of lyrics as verse 2/3/4 as opposed to verse 1?

Nope. It’s all on line 1. I had not thought of that angle, however.

Harrumph. It’s something that the developers haven’t (yet) given us control over, and evidently there’s the occasional glitch that we (as users) can’t do anything about.
There’s something in Engraving Options > Lyrics to set the minimum space between the stave and the lyric. What happens if you set that to something smaller, Apply, then set it back to what it was before? It might fool it into recalculating.

Also, is there any chance there’s something hidden on that line? Perhaps draw a marquee selection around the whole system and see if any attachment lines show up that you weren’t expecting to see.

No unexpected attachment lines, and tweaking the Engraving Options as you suggested did not work. Also, I’ve attached to the original post of this thread a .zip of my .dorico

Hi Jeff !
I don’t have any definitive answer to your problem — which I think I never ran into — but I suggest you add a “tiret” between puis and que bar 17 (puisque here is a single word in french — puis que has another meaning)

I opened your document and the area in question looks fine to me. Very strange indeed. I don’t know what to suggest. Perhaps change it to another verse and then back again?