Rogue midi message shuts off sound in Kontakt

I’m working on a classical piece at the moment where I have one instance of Kontakt running feeding 6 midi tracks with brass, piano etc. They all run fine except the String ensemble. Yesterday I’d been working on this song for a couple of hours when the sound on the strings suddenly disappeared. Then I reloaded and I had sound again.

Today it has started to do that all the time making working on this piece impossible. Because I’m not a midi expert I don’t understand how this is possible.

I tried exporting the midi file and recreated the project on another computer but the exact same thing happened, so it must be some kind of midi message built into the file. The question is how it got there and how I make it go away forever?

If anyone can figure this one out it would be very cool!

Does the sound stop playing when you play back the same bit every time? That way you can find out where exactly the bad boy is hiding. Once you found that spot, open the midi part in the list editor and see if you can find it and delete it from there.

yeah, it does or did stop at the same place, I fixed the problem. I deleted that particular midi event where it was happening. I then switched midi keyboard from an Oxygen 61 to a much simpler one and there haven’t been any trouble since.

But can you define what you mean by “bad boy”? I would like to know how this sort of thing can happen? I guess my midi keyboard must have sent a message to Kontact to turn off the sound. Not to turn the volume down but to just shut it off, which I don’t get.

With all respect, the problem is clearly not related to either Cubase or Kontakt. I would respectfully suggest you rename the subject from “Big Kontakt 4 problem in Cubase” to something like “I recorded something into Cubase that caused a track to mute”.

I agree it’s not a Kontakt or Cubase issue. It’s an issue with my midi keyboard. I just don’t understand why it 1. sends a message by itself without me telling it to and 2. I don’t get what message was sent that can cause Kontakt to completely shut off like that at a certain point in a song. It’s odd to me and if someone has an explanation I’d love to hear it

… which is why, with all respect, you should change the thread subject so that people like me, who have both Kontakt 4 and Cubase, won’t waste our time reading it.

I’d change the title if I knew how. But I think that you having wasted 12 seconds reading the first post will be ok in the end, try and calm down

Try the big “Edit” button, which is visible to the original poster. I’m (almost) totally calm, by the way, just trying to help everyone. Regarding your original problem, if you examine the MIDI track using the list editor, you can see in forensic detail everything that was played in.

What was the MIDI event that you deleted? (And I think Soundman meant that this event was the “bad boy”.)

If you share such information, people could help pinpoint what is happening with your stuff and ultimately end up making things less frustrating for yourself.

The ‘bad boy’ was probably some sysex/program change or volume automation message that got recorded into your midi part somehow. The first would’ve been visible from the list editor.

is that better MrSoundman?

When I’m done with the project I’m working on now, I’ll take my other and main keyboard and run some tests with it to see if the problem persists. If it does I’ll try the list editor trick. Thanks for the help

:smiley: :sunglasses: – you can also use MIDI-OX to track down such rogues!

the problem is back unfortunately and I’ve found out that it’s got nothing to do with my midi keyboard as I’ve tried turning it off and this thing still happens.

Can someone explain exactly what to look for in the list editor that can make these (in Battery 3 this time) master volume changes?

In the List Editor, look for any event that occurs exactly where the problem is recurring. You had stated earlier that it happens at the same place every time.

thanks, seems pretty obvious now that I think about it. But I’m not even sure it’s a midi problem because I’ve researched a bit and this thing is a known bug with Battery, so it could very well be NI’s fault

I now have another midi message problem which is way worse than the previous one discussed in this topic.

The problem is that sometimes when I play my midi keyboard it moves notes around in the key editor!

First I thought it was my old keyboard’s fault so I switched to another one I have but the problem happens with this as well. If anyone has any idea what’s going on here and what I can do to fix it I’d much appreciate it, cause this is a nightmare.

found out what was causing this in case other people should run into this problem also I’ll share the solution: Turn off ‘Midi Input’, it’s the symbol that looks like a midi cable to the right in the key editor