Rogue Spacing

Hello All–
Does anyone have any idea why these particular lines (highlighted in orange) are offset and the first stave’s aren’t? To be clear: I do not want them to be. I cannot get them to fall into proper alignment to save my life. If I nudge the words over, the verse numbers shoot way off too. This is the only spot where this happens. The other pages and other staves are perfectly normal. I’m totally befuddled. And all offsets are set to ‘0’ here.

Absolutely no idea. Could you post the project?
What happens if you delete those words, maybe even the notes and input them again?

Bingo- that seems to be the problem. I had alt+clicked the lyrics down to the other staves. That’s what’s causing the issue (which is still strange since it’s just a whole note and it copied to the reduction part just fine…)

and stranger still-- if I deleted just those lyrics from each line and then alt+clicked them down again, everything is fine. How bizarre…

I have seen a few anomalies with lyrics, which I can usually fix by deleting the syllable and then Undoing.

This is exceedingly obvious and I apologise for that, but just in case… when you Alt+click, the horizontal position at which you click in a bar is significant: if you click halfway through a bar, then the thing you’re copying will be pasted there. Make sure you click at the start of the bar if that’s where you want the item to be copied.

Yep… this has tripped me up with using Alt-click to duplicate dynamics and playing techniques… often if the rhythmic grid is set too finely, they’ll be slightly shifted to one side or the other. I generally set the grid to a higher note value first before using Alt-click.

I clicked directly on the wholenote(head). That’s why I was confused to get a different result on those lines. Perhaps I clicked on the right edge of the note or something… At any rate, no biggie. It’s fixed now and I know to be more careful about it in the future.

In fact, there were two or three times where I clicked directly on the whole note, it copied the lyrics shifted just like in my original photo; I’d cmd_z, and then paste again and it would appear correctly. There were 2-3 times as I went around the score fixing other errors where I would attempt to copy/paste the exact same way right in a row and it would exhibit different behavior.