Roland A-49: D-BEAM, Pitch controller and 2 F-notes do weird


My setup is a Roland A-49 with six CMC-controllers (TP,AI,QC,FD,CH,PD) and a Windows 8 64-bit PC with Cubase AI7.

I have a very weird problem. Whenever i’m playing a track (let’s say, just a drumrack) and i play a synth on the keys while i use the D-BEAM and pitch-modulate to pitch or to turn the volume up or down, my Cubase is going to trip. (So are my CMC-controllers) The Mute and Solo goes on and of again really quick, so when i use it, it sounds like some kind of glitch. Besides that, there are two F-notes i have problems with: One mutes the track while i hold it, the other just turs the volume on random.

Those are my issues and i hope someone can help me fix them! :slight_smile:

THX! :wink: