Roland Drumcomputer R-70

I have a Roland R-70 drumcomputer, can i connect that to Cubase Artist 7.5 and my UR22 via Midi?
Or is it only possible to connect by audiocable?

Greetz and thanks in advance for any answer.


It depends if the Roland R-70 has a MIDI output. If it does then you should be able to connect it to the UR22.

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Hello :slight_smile:, it has MIDI, you should be able to connect it to a MIDI interface and with 1/4" cables aswell

Just taking a stab…OP, you do understand MIDI and the audio outputs of the R70 are two separate types of connections, right?

MIDI is control - simply note on, note off (plus a few more subtle performance controls, like velocity) where the 1/4" cables are the audio output of that performance.

MIDI cables alone will not pass the audio into Cubase, and 1/4" audio connections alone will just have the R70 sit there until you hit the pads (or play button) of the R70.

Often, both are connected to record the external device.

I’ve been using MIDI since pretty much the beginning and it often flies over the head of the “older folk” that newer musicians don’t fully understand what MIDI is.

No offense, but the prior replies seem to miss that the OP doesn’t understand what MIDI is actually capable of - and what it’s not capable of…just my read of the OP’s question. Forgive me if you do understand.

Iam total new to Midi and Cubase, so i have a lot to learn and hope getting some help from you guys :slight_smile:

Greetz Herman