Roland INTEGRA-7 editor in Cubase Ai 7 'Connection error'

I’m using Cubase AI 7 and a Roland INTEGRA-7, and I have installed the editor VST plug-in for the INTEGRA-7. The plugin works so far as to show the different editor screens, but when I make some changes, the INTEGRA-7 does not receive the changes. Also, nothing is read from the INTEGRA-7. All parameters are set to some standard value, e.g. all Studio set are named ‘INIT’. When I press the ‘Read’ button I only get an error ‘Connection error’.

I have tested to read and write settings via a stand-alone program, and that works fine, so all hardware seems to be ok and set up correctly.

This is all done on a 64-bit Windows 10 computer with latest updates. According to the documentation from Roland my computer should be more than adequate for this setup.

Does anybody know why this does not work?

I’m using Cubase Elements 9, 64bit windows 10 and I get the same thing. Hoping someone has an answer.