Roland JP-8000

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Quick dilemma about my Roland Jp-8000 in Cubase.

I currently have it setup via MIDI to record midi notes in a MIDI track (not that it is relevant or anything)

everything is great…but, I’m getting pretty bad feedback noise after it finishes the sequence or when I stop the audio on Cubase, it lasts for about 10 seconds after, and hearing this constantly throughout the session for many hours is getting to be a headache :frowning: .

The JP-8000 doesn’t have a panic button like the NL2x does, is there ANY way to stop the audio from doing this? Perhaps in Cubase? If you would like I could create an audio sample if you are confused about my question, but only if it is required.

Thanks in advance <3

have your checked you cables , as there is nothing in the jp8000 to cause any issue like this ? , have you got a mike preamp on somewhere ? or is the pre-gain turned up on the input channel ?

I have an RCA plug L/R back of JP going into my M-Audio FastTrackc400 in the back (Line Inputs) I also have 2 MIDI cables running to the back of the FastTrack aswell but honestly it’s not the MIDI that’s for sure I don’t believe I have any preamps nearby. gain is up on the channel on the Fasttrack hardware.

what fx’s have you got set of your jp8000 ? phaser ? flange ? with full feedback ?

Effects are pretty much off, however I do have the bass knob up a little with little treble, I doubt this would affect the sound as it’s “tone”. Delay is off 100%. Cutoff and volume seem to be the only factors that shut the noise off.

This is happening just on playback? Which VSTi/ preset? Check for doubled MIDI data in the Key Editor by moving a note up or down to see if anything’s under it.

have you got any plugin’s open on the chain , like the guitar amp , it sounds like it’s over driving in some way , check to see if any plugins are open

Hey, sorry for the late reply.

It is a brand new project, it was the only thing in the Cubase project window, no vst’s or vsti’s are being used. I have analog bass saturation on a kick but this is AFTER so it has nothing to do with the Roland. Also it seems like it is ringing the first note of the sequence.

have you tried midi reset in Cubase ?

Actually I read something about this, I’m going to look into this and I will let you know if I find something about it or not to save you the trouble of telling me.

Sorry guys, not getting anywhere with the MIDI reset.

Edit:, seems like other presets are working fine now, just having a problem with this certain patch. So it isn’t Cubase afterall :slight_smile:. I guess I might be on my own, and to be honest as long as it doesn’t show up in the final audio mixdown, and if it will then that will be a problem for me.

Thanks guys

what happens when you turn the jp off and back on ? still the same sound ? have you tried swapping modes on the midi sysex modes and back again , I seem to remember having this issue with mine but for the life of me I can’t remember how I solved it , as you say it sounds like a note hanging ?

When I turn it on and off I get the same effect. Yes that’s the way to describe it alright, do you think it might have anything to do with the shift function menus on the JP itself?

this is a good point have you tried this ?

what os is it running ? 1.5 ?

No, no MIDI data is doubled. I checked, and also even having the sequenced copied and down an octave for poly effect seems to be fine but I still get the ringing.


jp8000 operating system i mean

I believe I am on 1.4, update 1.5 fixes MIDI issues as I read just now, so perhaps this will fix my problem?

EDIT: I checked by powering up holding Waveform 1+3 and I’m actually version 1.02

The JP-8000/JP-8080 (almost identical) has got quite strange MIDI-implementations. To use it successfully in a sequencing setup, there are certain considerations to take.

Here you have two examples of users trying to cope with the JP:

I have used some time investigating the JP myself, and created a “compendium” for personal use, with examples and sceenshots from Cubase. As I said, It is created for personal use - it is not very neatly designed and the writing is fragmentary - but I guess it could help you to get out of certain problems regarding sequencing with the JP…