Roland Juno DS and Cubase Elements 8

Hi everyone

I hope someone can help as I am pulling my hair out here. I have a Roland Juno DS and Cubase elements 8

I have plugged in the Juno and it has installed the Driver - I can see it in the windows device manager as a sound device.

When I open up Cubase I cannot for the life of me find it in any of the devices. I have tried in Device Setuop, Midi Devices. Cannot see it in there

Tried audio devices - cannot see it in there.

Can someone please help? What am I doing wrong

Thanks very much


I managed to muddle through and solve it myself and thought I would put it up here in case anyone else has a similar issue

Firstly You have to download the Juno DS driver - apparently the cable I was using was either broken or it is an old cable (probably USB 1.0) and so wasn’t being picked up by the computer

Once I replace it the driver downloaded automatically

After this I had to set up the Junop DS in the Devices/Device Set up/ Midi Port Set up

From there I could then see the Juno DS. So I selected thsi and selected the input and outoput channels

Next I had to create a VST instrument track then select the Juno DS Midi interface I had just set up

After this Create a new mifdi track, and in the inspector select the Juno DS output Midi and All Midi inputs as the midi input

Then to get iit to play thrugh the Juno I had to go to the audio panel, select the Juno DS ASIO driver

Then finally go to control panel/Sound/and make the Juno DS the defaultt audio driver.

Pain in the ass and 2 hours of trial and error but got there in the end

Good luck

a Midi Channel

I don’t get it yet, I’ve been the whole day figuring out how to use DS sounds as a VST or MIDI and I don’t have a clue yet, everything looks in place, even I can control Halion and sounds on the DS as the audio interface, but not possible to use DS MIDI or VST capabilities.