Roland JV-880 Cubase Virtual Instrument Help

Hi guys, I need little bit help on two points.

How can I set up the JV 880 (Expander Synth) in CUBASE PRO as a virtual instrument? I cannot find the xml device manager file.

Thank you so much

Well, your expander is a real instrument, not a vrtual instrument. So you can’t.
What I assume you are looking for is how to set it up as an “external instrument”. Use this search term for searching this forum and the manual. You’ll find it.

Hi, I have added Roland JV 880 as an external instrument. Now I want to make a panel and to control the reverb, or chorus. How can I find out which syses speaks to the exact reverb, chorus and delay? Or is there a standard configuration file for jv 880 syses out there?

Pages 10-30 and following of the Roland manual…

Thanks Johnny, but let me one question:
In Cubase Pro you can install Midi Device manager with a given pre-install for the JV-880 from list. Why does have this preinstall list not included the sysex setting from the Manual? What is the advantage from this given preinstall midi device especially for the jv880?

I think the available script for the JV-880 includes only the patches. So it lets you select patches by names easily, omitting the need of manually sending bank select and program changes.
I haven’t seen any control panels (that’s what you would need the SysEx messages for) in any of the existing scripts. Maybe there is one floating on the internet somewhere.
The need to have a remote control in Cubase to control external hardware is becoming less important to people over the years. Today it is often the other way round, synths are VSTi’s and hardware is used to remote control Cubase.