Roland memory card

Hi Forum,
I have a Roland R 70 drum machine which sends a signal to the piano keyboard. I use the keyboard to play the drum sounds which are recorded as a midi track in cubase. A ‘battery low’ warning is showing on the R 70 but if I change the battery I’ll lose the settings to the keyboard and I wouldn’t know how to reprogramme it. What I propose doing is backing up the settings on a memory card then change the battery. The only snag is that the memory card I need - an M 512 E - costs over £100 or $160 and apart from the high cost to use it once, if I bought it on ebay, how would I know it was genuine?

Can anyone lend me one, sell me one or tell me where I can get one, or maybe an alternative one? I know it might be too much to ask, but if anyone could lend or hire me one, they’d get it back in a couple of days.

Regards, Barry.