Roland Octa-Capture. Rough review.

I moved this over to here from the loube so I can add points as they arrive.

I can definitely recommend considering this to anyone researching upgrading.
I suppose this really should be in the hardware section but I’ll report any niggles as I get used to it.
And it’s not a one-trick pony, you can take it out and record your band or drums on the fly coupled with a laptop.
No eq on it but then the DAW will take care of that.
10 in 10 out. 8 combo jacks in, 8 jack out, phones. USB connector, s/pdifs coaxial (used for strapping two ua 1010s together).
One button click level settings. Four internal output mixers if you use it for band monitoring purposes or, I suppose, different types of recording usage.

On use in Cubase. Pretty effortless but was puzzled by, when setting up VST connections, that the assigned inputs on the Octa-capture went to zero or muted.
Of course when I turned on the “monitor” button on the Project page the faders then moved to their already set positions and panic over.
This means that unrecorded tracks are then muted. This can be changed in Preferences, VST, Auto-monitoring.
On a PCI soundcard you usually won’t see this happening but the Ocata-capture has a screen so it just threw me off for a while.