Roland products as a control surface with Cubase

Im using the roland VS100 as my interface. It has a built in control surface. im having trouble setting it up. Ive set it up as a mackie control in the device setup menu and i understand that not all the buttons will work like the ACT function as its made to work with SONAR, however most of the controls i.e mute, arm etc ONLY work with track 1! Is anyone else using the VS100 or can help me?

Set it up as a Generic MIDI controller.

Be careful brains, Its meant to interface using Mackie Control protocol :wink:

Maybe someone using the Mackie Protocol everyday can chime in, I use a CC121, so have no need for the headmelt, those days are by! :smiley: …I would think there would be a preset somewhere to suit.

Check the CD/DVD or go to their forum, cant be too dificult to get you up & running! :bulb:

I contacted Roland support in my country and they can’t even help :open_mouth: surely they doesnt work with ONLY Sonar as the DAW :frowning:

I haven’t looked at the manual, but if it appears as a MIDI interface in cubase and sends standard midi controller cc’s then you should be fine.

If so go into the Generic Remote control page, assign the midi in portion, move a control and then click learn and you should see the controller number change for the given function.

I’ve got an actual Mackie control hooked up to C6 and the Motif XS has a “remote” mode where it emulates a Mackie Control.

Both devices work as expected with C6. So, if the Roland has a Mackie emulation you should be able to set it up in devices from the existing C6 “template”.


The Gentleman above is pointing you in the right direction.

The V100 has a Mackie Protocol Remote (MODE) set it accordingly and use C6 Mackie control preset. :smiley:

Click on Devices Tab, them scroll to the bottom to Device Setup.

When the pop up appears, click on the Remote device Folder. then when its selected go to the Top Left Corner under the Device Setup Name, there is a Large " X " CLICK THE “X” then add a “Mackie Control Protocol” as your remote device.
Then setup your midi ports accordingly. put the V100 into Remote Mode" and they should be “talking”. :smiley:

Hi Discworx

thanks for your help but i have tried that and its not 100% working still…

ive gone to my device setup menu and set the VS100 as a mackie control. I didnt see a big X but there was a big + sign and i added a mackie control and set it to VS100. It does register however not all the buttons work (i.e. back to start button or forward to end button). The control surface also ONLY orks on the first track. When i select track 1 and hit for eg mute, it mutes the first track, however if i select track 2 and hit mute it ONLY mutes track 1 even though im in track 2.

ive contacted cakewalk and their suggestions dont seem to work either. Its really getting frustrating.

Ok I’ve finally found the problem and solution :bulb:

Mackie control is best way to activate the control surface however on the VS100 itself the DAW menu has to have “universal” selected rather than “other”. the “universal” option doesn’t come standard with the vS100 and such you need to go to the cakewalk website to update the firmware to 1.50. Everything show be working after the update