Roland Sound Canvas VA Crashing Cubase Pro 10.5

I recently purchased Roland Sound Canvas VA software synth of the Roland website and I’m having a problem with it.
It loads up in cubase pro 10.5, the GUI opens fine and i can select a sound from the browser window, but when I close the browser it crashes cubase completely and cubase disappears from my screen followed by Cubase quit unexpectedly prompt.
Having a Mac system obviously means I have Logic X also and I’ve tried it in Logic and it works great so what’s going on in cubase?
Any suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Many thanks and stay safe.

bump. same problem and it’s really annoying.

I’m on 10.0.5 and experiencing the same

I’ve already submitted several tickets. Roland claims it’s Cubase and Cubase claims it’s Roland.


The answer seems to be found directly on the Roland site. It’s a 32bit plugin.

From Roland:

“No plugin bridge will enable to run 32bit SOUND Canvas VA on 64bit OS/DAW environment.”

Yeah but that’s the weird thing. I believe there is a 32 and a 64, or is there some kind of bridging/converting thing going on?