Roland TD-27 and UR824

Ok. I am freshly moving to Cubase 11 from 9.
I’m taking this opportunity to upgrade the drums in the lab, and I am strongly considering the Roland TD-27. It can send separate audio streams for the kit, as well as MIDI all over USB, which would be pretty cute.

BUT- it sends the audio via an ASIO interface.

Is there a supported way to run this side by side with my UR824? Is it still just asio4all? Will I lose hardware controls if I use asio4all?

Thanks to anyone with insight on this,


Still asio4all I’m afraid. The td27 sounds are reasonable but still not a patch on SD3. I would use the td27 as a midi controller and then a decent vst instrument for drums. They are far better than any Roland module sounds, or any other modules.

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