Roland TD-4 drum map that works well with GA?

Does someone here have a drum map for the Roland TD-4 drum module that triggers the right notes in GrooveAgent?

Or is there a place in one of Cubase 11 Pro’s installed folders where I could find one? I remember that a looong time ago, Cubase came with drum maps for several devices, but I can’t seem to find the location where these are stored…


Set the incoming notes in groove agent. That’s what I do or build a drum map that changes the out note. Quite simple to do yourself.

Yeah, I know how to do it, just thought there was a library of ready-made drum maps for certain well-known devices (like Roland e-drums) which would avoid me having to do find out the right notes and doing the mappings myself (I’m almost sure Cubase used to come with maps for my old Roland MC-505 for example). But yeah, if that’s no longer the case, I’ll do it myself.

It used to come with maps for all sorts of midi equipment. Since you have already looked I’m guessing there isn’t one for a td30 either.

I did a recursive search for *.drm in all these folders:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg
but nothing showed up…

I had seen this thread on the forum:

but I don’t have a DVD/CD since we’re using the download assistent now.
And the ftp links in there didn’t work either (you need some username and password, and I tried with anonymous + empty password, and something started but the connection immediately broke up…)