Roland TD9 Electronic Drums

I currently have a Dell Laptop (Ryzen pro 7 processor) running Ai 10 with Focusrite Scarlett Solo. When i connected my old Roland TD9 electronic drum kit up (midi to USB cable), i found there was a delay when i hit the drums. The Usb port on the Roland is for recording drums from the kit only and not as a Usb hook up to my laptop, therefore i can only use midi. Anyone know how to stop the delay?

-Use a VSTi with no / low latency
-lower the buffernsize of your interface
-Don’t use plugins with high plugin delay.

I’m not using any VSTi at the moment, just the internal MS wave-table sounds, till midi has been recorded.

Make sure you’re running on the focusrite ASIO driver, and also check what you buffer settings are in the focusrite control panel - it may be that your latency is very high.

What kind of delay are we talking? milliseconds?

Yeah I’ve checked that and it still has a delay. Doing a bit of research on the net, I’ve been using your bog standard midi to USB cable (cheap ones found on eBay) and someone mentioned using the Roland Midi interface (which has it’s own driver), so I’ve ordered one. Will let you know how i get on. Thanks for your help

Thatˋs your problem!

Hi - Heres my UPDATE:
Got the Roland UM-One MK2 usb/Midi cable. Seems to work fine. Just a bit of a nightmare mapping the drums to my Roland electronic kit now.
I’ve tried recording midi drums from the Roland kit and using a midi file with some pre-recorded keyboard parts, however when i try to record playing along with the Roland kit, they dont quite sync up. Is this normal? i want to change the midi drum pattern already written, but use the existing keyboard parts to play along in time with. Any suggestions please? thanks