Roland tr-8 using multiple audio outs via USB in Cubase 7.5


Has anyone got a new Roland TR-8 and had any joy getting the multiple audio channels to work in Cubase 7.5 (I’m on a PC running WIn8.1)?

I have the driver installed correctly. The TR-8 is showing up as both a midi device and an available audio driver.

Two problems:

  1. Cubase won’t seem to let me set up an audio bus at the same time as my regular soundcard (a roland UA-25)?

  2. When I try and switch to the TR-8 I get a BSOD?

This video shows a guy succesfully doing it on a Mac running Logic (

Any thoughts? Does Cubase allow a different input audio device to the output audio device? Can you have multiple audio devices running concurrently?



ive been thinking about this for a while Paul since i saw the demos of the TR-8.

they mention in many reviews that the internals of the TR-8 run at 32bit/96k. and as usual for Roland, they drop the ball and make this the ONLY RATE THAT THE UNIT RUNS AT.

so if you are using USB with it, unless your DAW and session is running at 32 bit/96k, you wont have any joy.

(Why Roland do you systematically cripple all your products with some problem like this?).


I have my TR-8 set up w/Multiple outs and the only way you can integrate it w/your soundcard is w/ASIO4all

That’s it. I hate it. I’ve expressed this on the GS Forum…lol
If you’re going to use it w/ other instruments this is the only way…
other than that, have fun switching between soundcards if you want to try another way.



Will give it a go!

I was able to get the tr-8 using multiout over usb in cubase 7.5. I set cubase to use it as the soundcard. Unfortunately it was rather crappy sounding and even seemed like some of the channels didn’t even transmit sound. I haven’t had a chance to try it in Logic, like in the video posted above.

Yes, but when you do it that way you can’t use any other soundcard.
It works but isn’t practical and as you noticed, the quality is an issue even though they force 96khz


I don’t see a quality problem here (sound is same as from analog out), and every channel actually does transmit their sound. However i would like to know same thing. To utilize TR-8 over USB i need to choose it as a soundcard then i can see TR-8 channels - however if i do that every other I/O setup assigned to my original soundcard is missing (obviously).

So the question is - how do i keep and use my original soundcard and my whole setup, as is - but being able to use Tr-8 as well. I do realize that on Mac they have soundcard cascading sort of so people on Mac can do it natively - but i am on Win and AFAIK when working with ASIO only one card can be utilized.

So the question is how?

I don’t want to use asio4all, i want my original RME driver. Did anyone managed to connect and run in Cubase - original soundcard AND tr-8 via USB at the same time on Windows?

I have more then 20 real input/output assigned to my Cubase via my RME MADI card. And i do need them.

Asio4All is the only solution I’m aware of for Windows. Specifically you have to configure it for device aggregation.

I’ve been waiting for people to get the AIRA units to hear how they’ve been integrating them into their rigs. The TR-8’s USB implementation offers really cool functional potential, but the fact that it’s mutually exclusive with your interface (without the Asio4All hack), combined with the 96kHz requirement (which I find baffling) are serious issues.

I’m hoping Roland do an update that works more like Virus Total Integration or the upcoming Elektron Overbridge. That would be far more practical for studio use.

Same here. I am finding it pretty hard to believe that they overlooked such significant feature. What’s the point of individual USB out if i can’t really use it in my ongoing setup?

Hi , i found this out on a mac system the day they came out, so i have given up on the usb thing and only use it for midi in and out I’m using the 2 aux outs into my mr816 to record snare and bass drum recording in cubase the midi and then recording each instrument in audio then putting these on there own tracks it doesn’t take long to do this .

I shouldn’t say the Quality is an issue, what I should say is the rate they use is. If your cards don’t play nice you get artifacts and it will sound…well you know.

That said, as already noted… the only way is w/ASIO4all. or switch back and forth between the ARIA and your SC …which is a PITA.
The ARIA is seen as a Soundcard and since you can only have 1 at a time it won’t configure the way we want.

I don’t like ASIO 4 all either and find myself not using my machines as much right now.

I will be re-configuring my setup soon but of course, leave it up to Roland to design this like this and force you Print audio like it was 1999. smmfh

Then again, whose fault is it that allows us only 1 SC in use at a time?


I am totally with you on asking for a working Aira in pair with our soundcard. Because it is very inconvenient to switch cards only to be able to use Aira. Totally stupid. Access Virus TI solved it with their synth, Roland can as well.

Regarding 96khz and your quality issue. Well that isn’t quality issue. That is feature issue for you. I don’t know but i am seeing it like this - it’s 2014 and every decent semi pro soundcard should really run fine at 96khz. Heck i did not had problems at 96khz for the last 7 years or something. Before that was issue since it used a lot of CPU but in today computers 96khz is really fine on i7 2600k given that you have decent audio card.

Anyway does anyone know where of whom to ask via official channel about this? Seems extremely lame to not be able to use Aira in studio setup other then crippling it…


Do you normally work in 32bits 96Khz with your projects ?

It’s not an issue running it, the issue is that if your project is set to 48 or 44.1 then you get issues. My comp and soundcard are fine and rock solid…believe me.


Ah gotcha.

G-string - yes i do for the last three years. No problem whatsoever. Currently running RME MADI FX with real 32x IO (Ferrofish MKII two of them chained 32ch on 96khz), plenty of internal VSTi, NI, U-he, outboard gear (RS7000, mc 909, synths and fx) everything fine no problem here

I’m running Cubase Elements 7 on windows 8.1. I successfully uploaded the driver for my Roland TR8 and it shows active in my devices with no conflicts. However now I cant even get Cubase to boot up. It hangs and reads "Initializing: VST Plug-In Manager. Then nothing happens. When I try to restart my computer I get another Steinberg message that says “The instruction at 0x00000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be written. Click OK to terminate.” HELP!!!

Roland TR8 only works with Cubase in 32 bit mode. WTF Roland. Why do they always drop the ball?

I am using Cubase 8 Elements with my Roland TR-8. I set the tr-8 as default out and listening out to my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. My VST Audio System driver is the TR-8. I doing this setup via USB. I have 13 Mono Inputs (Inputs 1& 2 Main In), the other 11 Mono Inputs, one for each instrument on TR-8 and 1 Stereo Output. I selected 11 Mono tracks for interface, selecting the TR-8 in the inspector for Input and Stereo Out for Output. Each instrument from the TR-8 has it’s own separate track. It’s work fine without any issues or other downloads for a ASIO driver.