Roland TR-8S and Cubase Pro

Has anyone found a way to get these two to play without using the Roland USB driver. If I do this I cannot use my MOTU driver which defeats the object. I need to be able to send midi to the TR-8S and Receive audio back via the USB connection at the same time as recording/playing back approx 20 tracks of audio and midi routed via my MOTU 2408mk3

If you are on windows, you can’t. Windows allows only one ASIO driver to be loaded at any time. You could try ASIO4ALL, then you can “aggregate” devices. I have never had that work well. If you are on OSX, I think the OS has the ability to aggregate devices.

Mr. Beer

Thanks - I suspected as much but thought someone might have found a work around in either win 7 or win 10 pro. It simply means that the TR8-s will be used as a midi module and the audio outs will have to be recorded via the motu 2408mk3 Doh!

ASIO4ALL is worth a try…when it works in this mode it does the job quite well, it just doesn’t work with every pair of devices.