Roland TR8s and Cubase 9.5

Hi there

I have trawled the net for an answer to this and can’t find one.

I want to sync and record my Roland TR8s in Cubase 9.5 (build 79 64bit - built on Nov 28 2017). I am using a Mac Book Pro.

I have managed to sync ie hit play on cubase and the TR8s starts (although it starts one bar after I’ve started cubase)

To record the TR8s in cubase I have tried using the built in audio (in VST Audio System) and get no signal, but when I change this to TR8s (in VST Audio System) I get a murmur of a signal unless I turn the volume on TR8s up to Max. I only get 2 inputs showing L/R too.

Is there a successful way to achieve what I want? Or do I need a sound card and external mixer.

Many thanks in advance.