Roland V-Drum compatibility with Cubase 11 Elements with GA5se

I recently purchased Cubase Elements 11 with Groove Agent 5 SE. I am running this on Mac OS 10.15.6

My friend has recorded an album worth of material using his Cubase Pro 9.5 system. I am now trying to record my drum tracks in midi format so he can add them to his sessions and complete the project.

I am connecting my Roland TD-25 module to my MacBook Pro via usb. The problem is that I can’t seem to get my Roland pads to accurately map to the kits in Groove Agent. I am having particular issues with the edge triggers for all my cymbal pads. It seems that my hi-hat edge triggers both open hi-hat and kick drum simultaneously. My crash cymbal bow and edge zones trigger two different cymbals.

I’ve tried the “Use Hardware Controller Mapping”, following the instructions from the Groove Agent manual to no avail.

I’ve seen quite a few posts in various forums regarding this problem. Is it possible to map my Roland kit into Groove Agent / Cubase?

If so, can you please advise how this is done or where I can get step by step instructions to do so?


Hi and welcome,

This is the way, it should work. What exactly didn’t work to you, please?

The hi-hat edge is triggering both the hi-hat and the kick drum. When I go to assign/unassign for the hi-hat, it doesn’t show a check mark next to the kick drum key (C-1) It only shows a check mark next to the corresponding hi-hat key. This being the case, why am still getting both the hi-hat and kick. I also tried looking at the kick drum as well and that only shows a check mark next to C-1.

Basically the settings are telling me I should only get the hi-hat trigger when striking the hi-hat edge, but that’s not the case.

Any help in getting this resolved would be great.

I have exactly the same issue with the Roland TD-12.
When hitting the side of the HiHat, a D0 is received. Both the HiHat and the Base drum are triggered in Groove Agent.
I noticed another post on the same issue, mentioning Steinberg is working on this. Is this correct?
When using the EZdrummer plugin, it works a lot better when loading the Roland preset. Should be possible by the looks it. Haven’t found out how though.

Not sure about Steinberg fix but it would be nice. I notice they have Yamaha’s e-drum module included as a preset. However, I believe Steinberg is under the Yamaha Corp. so this comes as no surprise. Thanks for the EZ Drummer advice. I have tried this and it is fairly plug and play.

To be honest : it’s not worth it.
The playability in GA isn’t good, the mapping cumbersome, the acoustic sounds just not authentic and very good.
SD2 or Ezdrummer works out of the box and with great playability with a Roland Drumkit.
My favourite drumkit comes from the EZ Vintage add on

Thanks for the input. May have use EZ.

I have tested various demo and free versions of drum VSTs over the couple of days. I am now going for a combination of plugins:

  • EZ drummer as a basis because the mapping to the Roland TD 12 HiHat has the best mapping
  • Use the drum map to point specific drums (not HiHat) to other instrument:
  • Groove agent
  • Sennheiser DrumMic’a (not easy to setup, but has some great sounds)
  • MT PowerDrumkit

All combined gives me some great drum kits .