roland v-synth midi device manager

hallo i am having a tough time tring to setup a v synth i just bought in cubase.
i have seen some tutorial on midi device but in those video they use the available presets unfortunately there is no preset for v-synth…
do any of you have a script or preset?
or any of you who has done this already and can give some tips?


hi i am still tring to do this
i have found online 2 files for connecting v-synth to cubase trough midi device manager.
one is a txt. file this contains all the preset banks and it works , i also had a .xml file that is supposed to have all the settings for controlling v synth not only bank and program change like the .txt file i have installed…
but it doesnt let me import the xml file !!! this file was for cubase 3.5 but being an xml file i suppose it should still work other then cubase doesnt use anymore xml file for midi device manager and only uses .txt. do any of you know something about it.
of course i am willing to share these files

ty max

does anybody know if i can import xml file as she does in this video i actually have the xml file for the v synth but cant import i also do not find device panel in cubase folder as she does at 0:30
do cubase still works like this? have device panel folder? uses xml file for configuration in midi device panel?
please help

Can you share the text file please?