Roland xp50 patch script

Anyone has a Roland XP50 patch script for Cubase 8? I have three expansion cards on it also: Orchestra, World, Dance in slots 1, 2, 3. Thanks for your help.

The jv1080 patch scripts are compatible, so modifyng these would be an option, but I had the XP50 and also had scripts, but lost them as I sold the synth a few years back. Getting an hold on the patch-names digital could make adjusting the jv1080 patch script easy.

Maybe this is of little help:

or this:


Not the latest information but midi specs and patchnames haven’t changed as far as I know.

Let us know if you came to a solution.

Hi, I created a patch script for my XP-50. I created an Excel worksheet that creates the layout, then saved that layout as a text file. I only have the dance and pop expansion cards. Adding other expansion cards would be relatively easy with any electronic listing (pdf or text file) of patch names.

cheers and rock on!