Roland XV-3080 midi sound module setup needed for Dorico

I need expressionmap for Roland XV-3080 sound module in Dorico (3.5)
I made my own patch list device setup on Cubase (xml file, including expansions) but how can I export/import that into Dorico?
xv-3080.xml (3.6 MB)

Unfortunately there’s no way to convert a Cubase patch list into a Dorico playback template, which is really what’s needed. When I’m back at work next week I’ll talk to my colleague Paul about whether there’s anything we could do for you to create a suitable playback template, but it’s not something you can easily do yourself at the moment, I’m afraid.

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Wow! Let me start with: thank you for the most wonderful reply, between Christmas and new year, still working and still really really trying to find the solution. Wow and compliment to you. Thats why Dorico is going to be the nr. One must have software.
If i can help? I am software tester and developer and musician…