ROLAND XV50/50 users (non-Steinberg question)

(non-Steinberg related question)

Hi folks,

I am having a massive issue between my Nord Stage Classic (Midi Out) and Roland XV5050 (Midi In). I spent another weekend on the problem(s) but I can not seem to solve them at all.

The biggest (and strangest) problem is that I send out a PROGRAM CHANGE message from my Nord (say to call up Bank A-001 Grand Piano on the XV5050). Not only does the XV5050 ignore this message type, but i keep getting the screen display :-

"<< No Media >>"

There is still the ‘sound’ of the instrument (Patch) when I play the Nord or via the ‘Riff Demo’ (when holding the Volume knob on the XV5050), but the display says "<< No Media >>" ??

Then, if I manually press PATCH on the XV5050 front panel, the PATCH NAME appears !!

I looked thru the manual but could not see mention of this message, tried resetting to factory default and also tried lots of different Midi settings I could think of. And i have visited the Roland Clan Forum.

Does anyone have any idea what/why this message is appearing, and how to solve it please ?? Its a real nightmare as I will not able to see what Patches are being called up whilst playing on a gig !! And I want to start programing the module asap. A couple of years ago i programed up a JV1080 to run alongside my Nord, and after a few teething issues it was no problem at all. I don’t understand why the XV5050 would be so different ??

Thanks a lot guys,


My guess is that the Nord is sending a bank change message as well but the MSB / LSB combination of the message is unrecognized by the XV-5050 or instead corresponds to a media card slot that is empty if the XV-5050 supports that. (I own one of those and don’t even know the answer to that question, sadly enough.)

It’s just a guess though.

Try connecting to your PC and using MIDI-OX to see exactly what is being transmitted by the Nord.

Thanks Foolomon,

So you own an XV50/50 yourself did you say ??

I think the issue is a combination of the MSB message as you kindly suggest and the XV50/50 not recognising it. And similarly it has two Expansion Card slots and at present I only have one filled.

I downloaded the XV50/50 Sound Manager yesterday but only spent a few minutes with it as yet. Yes, I do have the Midi-OX thanks.

I emailed Roland yesterday and they have sent me a PROGRAM CHANGE basic list which I shall try out later. It is very brief but hopefully it will work and I can elaborate on it for further Program and Bank changes.

If it is successful would you like me to email you a copy ??

Appreciate your replies !!



SORTED !! :smiley:

Yep, it was sending the XV5050 to empty-banks as well as incorrect/unrecognised ones.

MSB/LSB values which Roland sent me were spot on !!

Yep. I figured that’s what it was.

By the way, the MSB/LSB for bank change messages are always in the Roland manuals that come with their devices. I own a D-50 and XP-50 as well, and their MIDI implementation sections of the manual are fairly complete.

Thanks man.

I downloaded the manual from the Roland site this morning.

The mistake I made was assuming the Program Change commands were going to be the same as the JV1080. So i was constantly trying MSB numbers in the 80s instead of the 60s!!!

I really like this module. It has some great ORGAN sounds (almost as funky if not better than on my Nord!). I might post a few demos on here once I get up and running.

Thank you once again.

I bought it on sale once but really haven’t utilized it much except for a few times in live situations when I needed more layering. It is a good module though.

Are you not able to UPLOAD mp3/wav files to this site ?? I just tried and it says these are not permitted ?? Seems a bit contrary considering this is a MUSIC based website !! :confused:

They’re probably trying to protect themselves from liability issues. Steinberg is a music software company so they are probably an easy target.

Use Box, Bandcamp, Soundcloud or something and link to it here instead.

Oh, ok I see.

But if your audio postings are ORIGINALS (or just ‘test’ demonstrations) then this type of music file should surely be fine ??

Do you happen know if the XV5050 can read SR expansion cards (ie JV1080 format) as well as the SRX ones please ??

Hi this is not an answer, but a question, i’m using a roland xv 5050 to play midi files using cakewalk pro 9 the 5050 will play the files but selects the standard GM set, how can i select the other richer sounds from the 5050 not the standard GM set please help.