Roland Zenology / RD-88 Keyb. as midi playback


I was wondering if it’d possible to use Roland Zenology soft. synth app or my RD-88 keyboard as a midi playback with D4. I only used to use Kontakt 7, NotePerformer and Modartt Pianoteq8 Pro as playback devices. Thanks

You can certainly send playback data out using the MIDI Instruments bit in Play mode.


That should work for your keyboard. Select it in the drop-down list.

For the app, it will depend whether you’re on macOS or Windows. MacOS has a built-in IAC bus, which you can turn on in Audio MIDI That will provide you with software MIDI connections.

There is third-party software for Windows that will do the same.

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I could use Zenology easily, I will try witgh the RD-88. Thanks @benwiggy

Zenology should load the same as any other VST. I regularly use Surge, Vital and occasionally Omnisphere. The biggest challenge is setting up the expression maps/endpoints.