ROLI Seaboard MIDI suddenly not coming through in Cubase 12/11

I recently updated to Cubase 12. Ran into a few hiccups but got everything working eventually, including my Seaboard 49. Literally the next day I fire up my system go to use my Seaboard with Equator 2 in Cubase 12 and no MIDI is coming from the Seaboard in Cubase. No movement in the MIDI I look at ROLI Dashboard and can see all my presses/inputs in real time on the dashboard so that was a good sign. I double check my MIDI settings for the track everything looks normal, ROLI Seaboard was selected and MIDI set to “ALL”. I open up the Studio Setup and look at MIDI Port Setup. The Seaboard is there and marked as “Active”. I turn off the Seaboard, it disappears from the list. I turn it on and it reappears. So Cubase is seeing the Seaboard. I set MIDI input to “All” and press a key on another controller, the VSTi plays. Press on the Seaboard…nothing. I put a MIDI Monitor on it and I can see when I press on my other controller, MIDI data shows up, but nothing with the Seaboard.

I decide to open up an recent project where I used the Seaboard in Cubase 11 in case it was Cubase 12 freaking out. The exact same results. I have shut down and restarted the computer, Seaboard, and Cubase in various orders and the result is always the same. This is really bizarre, I have not had any problems with my Seaboard once I got used to the MPE settings. I can’t think of another area to check. I have searched online but haven’t found any help. This is a pretty indispensable piece of gear for me so it is driving me crazy right now.

Any suggestions on what to look at next?

In case anyone runs into a similar problem: I decided to run a standalone instance of Equator and the Seaboard was working with it. Then I pulled up the ROLI Dashboard and realized it was in a state where it didn’t think my Seaboard was on. So I turned off the Seaboard, restarted ROLI Dashboard, turned on the Seaboard so the dashboard could “see” it and was responding to input. Then I started to play again and suddenly Equator wasn’t working with it. This narrowed things down a lot.

I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling ROLI dashboard and it appears to have fixed the issue. Not sure if something with Cubase 12 threw it off or what. It is very odd because I did have it working and played with it a few minutes in Cubase 12 the night before it all stopped working. Anyhow, hope this helps someone else.

I have been having similar issues. I reinstalled as you didd and it seemed to partially fix the issue (I also reset the firmware but dont think that helped). Now I find Cubase complains the Roli is not connected but it does generally work oddly