Roll By

Hi there here`s one heavily under the influence of T.Rex. ta.

Very cruisey (is that a word?). Really love the sound of the guitar that was coming out the right speaker. Nicely played too.

Maybe the acoustic that comes in 1:02 is a bit too loud?

Cool song well done :slight_smile:


cheers wes ,in britain cruisey is a bit of a waste of a word ,the weather is never good enough to cruise, although we are having a bit of an heatwave at the minute, won`t last though.will look at the volumes , thanks for your comments

You must be from Tennessee, great playing and I agree about acoustic it sorta just pops in from no where.

Your version of Bridge over Troubled Waters is the bomb too!!!

U’d fit in here in Nashville very well :slight_smile:

thanks Kenny ,would love to visit Tennessee sometime , its got so much history , wouldnt know where to start .

Nice sound indeed.

One comment: the guitar that comes in at 0:23 (, 1:03, etc.) is just a tad overpowering. The rest of the song has this nice float in the back of the sound field when all of a sudden - wham! - that guitar is in your face. :smiley:

Love it!

Good song, like the guitar playing, makes me want to do more practice when I hear a good player, strange use of the acoustic guitar though, comes in a bit loud and doesn’t hang around very long, would’ve preferred to hear more of it throughout the song …good standard though, inkeeping with the high standards of this forum…well done,…Kevin

hi chaps ,thanks alot for the comments, regarding the acoustic i was trying to get an Eddie Cochran Summertime Blues type effect where the acoustic takes over in a big way ,smacking the rhythm out ,the volume doesn`t bother me that much ,but i can see what your talking about , thanks as always.

Really cool! That’s some legit rockabilly guitar soloing there! Tasty!
It all fits together nicely - dig the changes, the vocal delivery, the vibe…
As a bass player myself, I do think the bass part is a bit too repetitive or samey. Pretty much I-V throughout.
It could use a bit of walking or subtle variation in the pattern IMO.

Nice job!