Rollback tips / warnings?

Since upgrading from 5.1 to 5.5.3 some busy projects that had occassional crashes are now crashing at an impossible rate.
I’m curious if rolling back would help.

Any tips, warnings or gotchas?

Complete system specs?

It might but you want to do the first patch to 5.01. That is the version I have been working on after having trouble. I just have been staying on this version. I think it the best version of Cubase I have ever used. I didn’t see that much in 5.5 to deal with the upgrade. 5.01 works day in and day out with hours of recording.


The system is : WIN XP pro / SP2
UAD2 QUAD / UAD Solo /
RME Multiface /
i7 920 /ASUS P6TD-dlx / Corsair 6GB / Matrox p690e / Coolermaster 700w

What’s the RAM usage of the projects? Are you using the /3GB switch? /Userva=?

OK - I just tried the /3GB switch, but it didn’t go well
it never got past the Windows Welcome screen.

Video issue?

I found this referenced in a thread
“If you run multiple UADs, you need to use the /USERVA= switch and subtract 100 from the recommended value for the first two cards and 100 for each additional”

I don’t have this setting at and don’t know know what it should be - I have 2 UAD cards in this box; one is a Quad

It’s a switch you add after the /3GB one, starting value is 2900. In your case 2700 would be the #. If still nogo, decrease in increments of 100. Don’t forget to add a line to the boot.ini instead of editing what’s there in case of issues.

OK thanks -
I tried 2900 last night and it couldn’t even get to the windows welcome. First it insisted on doing CHKDSK and then rebooted.
Fortunately the non-/3GB boot OS is unaffected. Tonight I’ll try the lower values .

Update - the /userva=2700 setting allowed it to boot.


Now we’ll see if that helps solve the problem. I had been noticing that this particular project had been hovering at about 1000 MB (whenever I happened to look ). To keep things on the conservative side I kept Task Manager in plain view the whole time and I froze Sampletank so I could unfreeze Superior Drummer to tweak it. I also closed all plugins as soon as I finished tweaking them ( I discovered that can save up to a MB or two ea- and I am usually very sloppy at leaving dozens open).

So when I started working the session the memory usage for C5 was only about 300 MB. it was interesting to note that every playback caused that to go up, but never back down. So something’s leaking! . After an hour or 2 it was up to 700- 800 MB. At this point exporting a mix takes a ridiculously long time, so I restart C5 and go straight for the Export .

I’m sure if I played another hour or 2 it would have gone over 1000 MB, and probably into the treachourous 1.5 GB territory. So I guess I haven’t actually tested the 3GB switch yet…

Oh well, at least things improved to the point where I’m able to make progress with the mix without mad crashing. - its just 2 steps forward , one step back . So I’m feeling that a rollback attempt is not worth it at the moment. But that me leak is very annoying.

A plug is what usually causes the memory leak issue, IIRC. Can’t remember if Sampletank was the culprit in past reports. Closing plug GUI’s is good practice.