Rolled chords

I apologize if this topic has been discussed. If anyone has a link to the solution I would be grateful.

My question is what is the best way to achieve the “rolled” piano chord sound? The most recent post I saw discussing this was from 12/3/19. Not sure if anything new has been added to facilitate this. I’m not a trained keyboard player so it’s been challenging to get the this to sound right. I appreciate your help in advance!! :smiley:

Under the ‘tr’ (trill) panel, there are various up and down arpeggiation signs (vertical wiggly lines).
Add this to your chord.

Yea. I tried that several times. Even adjusting the times (e.g. 1/10) from the properties panel pop up, but no luck. I’ve read through them manual several times, regarding the application and playback options of the arpeggiation signs. It should simply be offsetting the playback of the notes of the chords so I’m not sure what the issue could be since all other playing techniques work fine. I’ll maybe try a different sample library as well.

Thanks for the reply and let me know if you know any other tricks.

Did you input the notes using real-time MIDI input? If so, try selecting the chord and choosing Play > Reset Playback Overrides.

I did not use real-time MIDI input. It is a MIDI file from a Cubase 10.0.1 project, and I was testing the drag-n-drop functionality. Which seems to work great for getting the files into Dorico. I will try the reset playback option to see if that helps. Let me know if there are other troubleshooting options as well. Thanks so much Daniel!!

If you imported it from Cubase, that’s the same as having played it in real time, so you do need to select those notes and choose Play > Reset Playback Overrides.

Voila! Thanks Daniel.