Rolling back to previous version

Could anyone tell me how to roll back to 4.0.2?

Do you have a backup? If so, you could just restore the app.

Is there a problem with the latest build?

Did you see there was a hotfix to 4.0.31 yesterday? It fixed the insert bug if that’s what you need to work around.

Thanks guys. No , it’s something else. I don’t have a backup; hoping for a direct download link.

In Windows it’s easy: uninstall Dorico and reinstall the previous version. (Similarly in Mac, I presume)…

I usually store it, but not this time unfortunately…

I’m Windows 11. I don’t see any place to install previous version…

As I wrote, you must have saved a copy…
The last I have is D4.0.30.1059 & SDA VAE
Tell me where I can send it to you…

Dan, you are making me nervous. :slight_smile: Can you tell, why do you want to go back?

Sorry to be cryptic. I don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill, it’s just a small thing related to nudging lyrics that has changed slightly in 4.0.3 (Alt-L/R is a larger offset than it used to be, it seems), and that’s what I’m doing 8 hours a day these days, so I want to go back to 4.0.2 for now. It’s a minor thing, probably just me.

Someone sent me a direct link to 4.0.2, so I’m good to go. Thanks all.

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Have you tried alt-shift-ctrl-right/left? It’s super tiny :wink:

Yes, it’s much too small for most adjustments though.

I find the four nudge increments you get with various key combinations in v.4.0.31 to be unchanged from v.3.5 — 1/32, 1/8, 1/2 and 1 space. I see the 4.0 User Guide now has a whole section on Properties, on one page of which these are listed.

This is a nice discussion, and prompted me to want to know what the nudge options are actually doing. I’m On the Mac, but wonder if it’s the same on Windows; (substituting “control” for “command”), I notice the properties panel shows:

alt-command-right/left moves by “1”
alt-shift-right/left moves by “1/2”
alt-shift-cmnd-right/left moves by “1/32”

So, using 2 of the last combination will get you “1/16”,
and 4x will get “1/8”.

Dan, would creating Stream Deck shortcuts for these make nudging quicker?

I don’t use a Stream Deck for these any more, though I used to use it for that; I’ve mapped these to Q, W, E, and R. Q and R are Cmd-Alt L/R, and W and E are Alt-L/R. Works like a dream.

@Mark_Johnson, I’m afraid that’s not correct. In Dorico 3.5, Alt-L/R moves lyrics by 1/8, and in 4.0.31, it moves by 2/8. I’m not talking about the dialog box, but the actual nudging of the lyrics graphically.

EDIT: darn it, it’s changed to 2/8 in 4.0.2 as well. I guess I was still running 4.0.0 previously. Anyone have a link to 4.0 they could share with me? Edit again: thanks Craig!

Sorry; I had tried it myself in both versions, but nudging Shift-X text rather than lyrics. Now I reproduce what you said: Alt moves lyrics ¼ space instead of ¹⁄₈.

@dspreadbury, could the keyboard command be getting doubled somehow? Or was the increment actually changed?

Another observation: When I Alt-↑/↓ in the Offset X spin box in Properties, the lyric moves ¹⁄₈ space L/R. This could be a workaround, and it could be a clue to the problem.

I’ve tried the new 1/4 nudging for a day, but it’s a no-go for me. It’s just too large of an increment; it’s impossible to place lyrics where I want them. Every adjustment feels like it’s overshooting.