Roomworks - Elements 10

Steinberg lists Roomworks reverb as being included with Elements. But when I look at my plugin manager, only Roomworks SE is present. Am I misunderstanding something?


Have you installed your Cubase Elements 10.5 from the Full Installer, please?

Roomworks is not part of Cubase Elements 10. Only Roomworks SE is.


Roomworks is part of Cubase Elements 10.5.

Possible. But not of Cubase Elements 10.

So Steinberg mistakenly marked the full version of RW on the web comparison page?


Odd, when I look at the comparison list, Elements is marked as having full roomworks.

I don’t know if there are other, different, dare to compare comparison charts, but the one referenced by the OP shows both Roomworks SE and Roomworks marked and present in Elements. Whether it is actually there in Elements, I wouldn’t have the foggiest notion. I imagine you might have to look at an actual copy of 10.5 Elements to see if it is there.

As I have written several times now already: Roomworks Full is not part of Cubase Elements 10. The chart you are referring to is for Cubase elements 10.5.
So obviously you are looking at the wrong chart, or you are referring to the wrong Cubase version in your thread title.

Roomworks SE is included in Cubase Elements 10.

Roomworks SE and Roomworks are both included in Cubase Elements 10.5.

Yes sorry, my fault I meant Roomworks full is not part of Cubase elements 10. corrected in the other post.

So worries, sven. Thank you for clarifying the difference. It’s still good info.