Roomworks SE Presets

I wonder if anyone can help? I have been going through the getting started videos (I’m so dumb it’s taken me weeks to find them, and they are very helpful for a newbie like myself) and I’ve come across a few things in my installation of Elements that don’t seem quite as they should be.

Firstly there is the help dropdown menu. In the tutorials it shows this with a search window that is missing for me. Has this just been changed or do I need to reinstall?

Secondly, I’m having trouble getting to grips with effects. Strip inserts, no problem, what we used to call in my analogue days ‘processors’. The problem is with effect sends, what we used to call effects :wink: . I’m not always getting any return from them - clearly something somewhere needs to be switched on that I am missing. And with FX 1 Roomworks SE there are no presets. Should there be?

All help gratefully received. Thanks.

There is no search window in the help for Elements. I don’t know if that’s in higher versions or not.

For sends, you need to:

  • Add an FX Channel Track: Right click in the track name area of the Project Window and select “Add FX Channel Track”
  • Set an effect (or chain of effects via FX Track e Button) like RoomWorks SE for that track. Select a preset by clicking in the black bar at the top of the effect window. Double click the desired preset. Set the effect’s mix level to 100% wet (generally unless chaining).
  • Then send to the FX Track from each track you want to use the send on. Do this in the Edit Channel Settings (e button) under Destinations mouse over the right dot of one of the slots. It will change to a down arrow (triangle) indicating a menu is available. Left click the arrow and select the FX Track you made. This routes a send to the FX Track.
  • Activate the Destination Slot: mouse over the left dot in the slot and it will change to a power button symbol. Click this to activate or deactivate the slot.
  • Adjust the send amount: Click in the slot and drag right or left (or up/down), or hover over the slot and use the mouse wheel to scroll in more or less. This is equivalent to the send knob in a mixer channel.

Thank you very much insub for your comprehensive reply. Got it working, thanks very much. I have to admit I have no idea why there were no presets available during yesterday’s session - they’re all back today. The key struggle was working out how to configure the returns, or destinations as they are called here. Slightly mixed up nomenclature!

Yeah, they used to just be called sends, but I think they changed the name of it because now you can send to more places than just send effects, therefore…Destinations. I think it is a bit confusing as well.

I forgot to mention. The top dot in each send slot determines if the send is Pre or Post fader, though the symbol it uses (half moon and dot) to identify the difference is not very clear as to what its communicating. Also, the color of the send slot level changes as well to indicate Pre or Post (Aqua or Blue by default, respectively, if I remember correctly).