Rosanna (Toto Cover)

So many of us who are missing gigging like crazy, taken to remote recordings, making some new friends along the way. One by one, more people joined this little project and we even ended up with a real brass section in the end. Really grateful for this experience… :slight_smile:

Wow, impressive cover , well played, recorded mixed and filmed !
Big thumbs up for everyone !

Cheers Desert :slight_smile:

A great cover, thanks for sharing.

I loved it , better than the original if you ask me cause it was very heart warming to see musicians collaborate despite the corona.

Steady on old chap!
Very kind of you tho, thanks. :slight_smile:

Wow, you got some players in that band. I miss playing with other people so much. I am surprised you could post it to YT; maybe you just had to accept that somebody else claimed revenue. Even here, they could take it down. But I am very interested in how you put this together. It sounds wonderful. I guess everyone has a decent recording setup, and you all have a good click track that you are comfortable playing to, and still, it is hard to make it have life, but you did it. I have done a few student bands based on mainly phone recordings, and have struggled to make it sound like a whole. As for my own band, the guys just don’t have the facilities to make decent recordings for me to work with.

Anyway, really well done. You give me hope.

I forgot to say: Best Band Name Ever.

Haha thanks, I’m particularly proud of that! :laughing:

I found some midi file on the net and sang along to it, then put click track to it and put a post on my faceache page to ask if anyone wanted to help record it. I was actually just getting over covid at the time, having seen a few others collaborate remotely and with all gigs cancelled, I was dying to do some recording. Olivier the drummer was the 1st guy to respond, so I made a message group and one-by-one more people started joining. I would just send each player a mix of the song, minus their instrument, then they send me back their files.
It’s so cheap to get a daw & an interface and have a decent recording setup these days! These are all professional musicians tho, so I guess most have a pretty good recording setup.

On YouTube, it’s no problem to upload cover versions now, you can even release them on spotify, itunes etc. They have a system that automatically takes care of the licencing, as long as the publisher of song you are covering is signed up to the scheme, and most are now… You get an email from YouTube to say that a copyright claim has been made (usually instantly), but that you’re not in any trouble and the video can remain there. Any revenue goes to the original publisher, I guess why they’re happy to let it happen, cos we’re actually generating revenue for them. Seems like win/win (altho likely google is the biggest winner tho).

Incidentally, I used the MConvolutionEZ reverb on the drums from this free bundle
I have some nice reverb plugins, but this one sounded great to me for these drums!

Nice remote collaboration gig, very good cover sound quality! Great band choice for a tribute too.

Just caught up with this, and a very nice performance and end product. Certainly must’ve been a bit of bear to get this all together, but it does work nicely. Great job, and glad to hear you’ve gotten through covid with lung capacity intact.
Not sure if you’re into jazz, but you might want to check out something even more ambitious, but along these lines. It’s by Kurt Rosenwinkel, and it’s a recent re-working of the title track of what would’ve been his first Impulse Records album, Under it All, in the late 90’s (would’ve been because the record industry shenanigans came into play).

That was beautiful man, what a band you got there!

Fantastic cover. I joined the forum to look for musicians to collaborate with, searched ‘collaboration’ at was treated with this gem! Thanks so much to all - and good health.

Thank you, very kind of you :slight_smile:

Good luck with your project!