Rosetta on Apple Silicon? Why?!

Yippee - at last I have purchased, downloaded and installed Dorico Pro 4 on my main Windows PC. I’ve spent much of today climbing the “learning” curve as a long-time Finale user.

So I thought I’d also download and install on my late 2021 MacBook Pro 16" (with M1 processor) - but was surprised to be told I needed to install Rosetta. I thought Dorico Pro 4 was available as a native Apple Silicon system - why do I need Rosetta?

You don’t need Rosetta.

And Rosetta is already installed (or should be). You only need to run under Rosetta if your VSTs aren’t all Apple silicone native.

You shouldn’t need Rosetta unless you have a VST that isn’t Apple Silicon Native yet.

But, double check the get info box for the Dorico app and make sure Open using Rosetta isn’t checked

It shouldn’t be checked unless you’ve done so explicitly.

And even then, it runs smooth as butter under Rosetta anyway, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

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Thanks Romanos - this is a MacBook that I have only used lightly since buying it, and have not yet knowingly run any software that requires Rosetta: I am still using my 2012 Intel MacBook Pro for most of my non-Windows work.

All I know, is that when I entered my download serial number, and got the Dorico 4 installer, when I clicked to run it, I was told I would need to “Install Rosetta” in order to proceed! I am doing my best to keep my new Mac as “clean” as possible, and don’t want anything installed that isn’t 100% native M1 software!

When I got my M1 earlier this year, I was feeling the same - keep it clean and don’t install Rosetta. But, when one piece of software was not ready yet and I needed to use it I “buckled” and installed it with Rosetta. Truthfully, I couldn’t tell the difference. It is pretty unbelievable - not anything like Rosetta from the Intel days. Rosetta 2 is an amazing feat of software and hardware. I have learned to not give it a second thought.


For some reason, the download link on my M1 MacBook Pro, has a title:

_10 Duke Placeholder for MySteinberg 0029

What on earth is that?!

The Steinberg Library Manager is still Intel-only, which gets called in the installation.

There’s nothing ‘unclean’ about Rosetta or Intel processes. Almost all the Apple Silicon applications (and all the executables in the OS) are “Universal Binaries”, containing both Intel AND Arm code.

There may come a time in the future when it’s a good idea to ‘clean house’, but not until Apple has deprecated Intel code, and that won’t be for several years.

If you want to use NotePerformer, or other VSTs that aren’t native yet, then you’ll have to run Dorico in Rosetta.

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Where is this “link” found, Brian? If it’s the name of a folder that was created by downloading something via Steinberg Download Assistant it would be interesting to know which download that was. (10 Duke is the name of the company that builds the technology on which Steinberg Licensing is built.)

Hi “dspreadbury”, it’s right on the “My Products” page at “”, as shown in this MacBook screenshot …

Aha! Probably nothing to worry about, though I will check (paging @Ben_at_Steinberg). For your new Steinberg Licensing-based products, please see:

Wow that was quick! Thanks, I’ll check out that link instead! :slight_smile: