Rotate in editing playing technique

Is it possible when editing playing technique to rotate a sign (a bit)? I added the Segno sign but want to tilt it a bit.

Don’t think so I’m afraid.


This could be incredibly handy at times…

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Indeed Dan.


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Not sure about rotating a Segno, but you can rotate other text by using a line and adding text to it.

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Thank you, although this is not really what I mean I am interested how you achieve this.

With the Line editor, create a new Line, with a new Line Body of zero Line width and with Hyphenated text (Default Music Font) and paste in the segno sign.
Then you can move one of the Line handle up/down in Engrave mood.


Thank you! Nice, I could reproduce it. But as said this is not what I meant.
This is what I want to achieve but indeed with some creativity there are several ways to do it:
Foto 18-02-2021 om 20.50

You could then take a graphic slice of that turned Line, then import that back into the playing techniques editor as a new glyph.


:open_mouth: Leo strikes again!

I suspect it’s only those of us that need spaceship playing techniques(!) that think of importing images.

I recommend exporting the graphic slice as an SVG. That way it should scale nicely


Very nice indeed. The right one is the standard Bravura segno, the left what I think is nicer, looks less ass a $ sign! What do you think?
Foto 18-02-2021 om 21.20

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Searching for the Segno signs (on the Web) I think the Bravura Segno sign is just wrong! @dspreadbury

That’s not the standard Bravura segno on the right - the standard one looks much like the one on the left There are settings within Engraving Options > Repeat Markers > Design. I suspect you have the “Japanese” setting.

Or if you’ve just grabbed it from the SMUFL website, you’ve grabbed the wrong one.

See Repeats · Standard Music Font Layout - the one in the main section is the one you want; the one in the Stylistic Alternatives section is clearly labelled (Japanese style, rotated).

Thanks a lot! It works now.