Rotate text

Does anyone know if there is a workaround to rotate text in Dorico, like this?


This kind of instrument group label is not yet supported, I’m afraid, but it is definitely planned for the future.

I know that. I was thinking more about some other tool where I can rotate the text and drag it where I want (like we do with a lot of things using Shift+X). But I’m afraid Dorico doesn’t have anything like that, right?

It would be great IMHO for the Dorico team to enable text to be rotated to any degree.

Right now, your best bet is to make an SVG file and embed that in your master page. Inkscape is a freeware SVG program you can try.

Another option could be the vertical font Berlin by Musegraph. A free alternative can be found here


Thank you very much! This is definitely a great option that I haven’t thought about.

Nice! I didn’t know about that. In Finale I use the Smart Shape Tool to rotate any text I want.

Yes, using the smart shape tool in F* seems to be the most common way, but using a vertical font is nice too, since you can use it in group names and thus all the placement is automatic… :slight_smile: (I should have warned that the Berlin font is not composed of individual characters, but are an extensive collection of complete words)



@Filipe - Glad it worked for you.

Filipedfs, could you please tell which font are you using for lyrics and indications (tutti, etc.)?

Thank you!

Nepomuk, for both. The only problem with this font is that it doesn’t export as bold. So I use this for everything and Academico for bold texts.

Another possibility to rotate text, thought it does not work for absolutely vertical text, is to use the text attached to a hairpin. It has also the limitation that you only can use the font style of the Dynamics for this text, but can be useful in some circumstances:


Very interesting idea!

Thank you Romanos401!

Instrument Group Label support would be great. I used 2 SVGs for now.

You can of course use the new Vertical Lines for this effect: just add a line to the first note, and reposition in Engrave mode.

Screenshot 11.png